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Tap-N-Talk Weather

Instant weather...with just a tap!

Tap-N-Talk Weather features a talking weather report that lets you leave home confident and prepared. The marriage of NFC and text to speech technologies gives you the freedom of hands-free device operation while delivering location based weather content to you immediately, anywhere in the world.
Powered by World Weather Online.

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Accident Report Charlotte

Never get stuck in Charlotte traffic again!

Accident Report Charlotte is an Android application that provides instant access to traffic accident information...directly from the Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Department.

Proximity Alerts highlight your distance to each accident. A star symbolizes each mile in distance. For example, 1 star means that you are within a 1 mile radius of the accident. 2 stars represents a 2 mile radius and 3 stars represents a 3 mile radius. No star means that you are at least 3 miles away from an accident.

Just tap it to map it...Plan your alternate route by tapping the map icon next to the description. A map marker pinpoints the exact location of the accident. Tap the map to access zoom controls at the bottom of the screen.

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Air Quality Today

Local air quality levels...
for your health.

Air Quality Today is an Android application that accesses air quality measurements directly from the Environmental Protection Agency.

Just enter your zip code to retrieve local observations and forecasts. You can even display a map** showing the national air quality outlook.
** For the best viewing results, we recommend that you install the Google Earth app!

By knowing local air quality levels, you can take precautions to protect you and your family. Exposure to increased levels of air pollution can aggravate existing respiratory conditions and cause unwanted health problems.

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Doggie Tagger

Find lost pets -FAST-

Doggie Tagger uses NFC technology to quickly locate your lost pets.

Use the Doggie Tagger app to register your contact information with the Doggie Tagger server. Next, use the app to format an NFC tag as a Doggie Tagger dog tag. Finally, attach the dog tag to your pet's collar.

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