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VIDA Charm Bracelet - Metallic Dreams by VIDA 1HhUFGwV
VIDA Charm Bracelet - Metallic Dreams by VIDA
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Marco (view profile)

What does "underscore symbol" mean in a matlab function documentation?

Marco (view profile)

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Soso (view profile)

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89 views (last 30 days)


I read in this documentation:

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that for output 'status'

but what does "___" mean?

I tried with


but i can not get out status variable and it returns an error:

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Dima Lisin (view profile)

Direct link to this answer:


Dima Lisin (view profile)

Hi Marco,

If you look at the description of the transformType parameter in the documentation, you will see a table listing the minimum number of matched points required for each type of transformation.

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Soso (view profile)

Direct link to this comment:

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